Wednesday, March 30, 2016

New Prices

Welcome to Intuition Author Services. We are updating our price schedule so please click on Pricing to see our new prices, effective April 1st. If you are already a client of Intuition Author Services and have booked with us BEFORE April 1st, even if your scheduled job is AFTER April 1st, we will honor the former prices. Thank you so much for your understanding.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Welcome to Intuition Author Services!

We are Intuition Author Services (and no, we are not members of the Illuminati. We just love books, and we have...feelings...about them!) We are here for you! Indie authors have it rough; they have to do everything themselves. You spend countless hours on a story, only to find out there is more work: covers, editing, formatting, publishing, promoting...and it can be extremely time consuming, not to mention discouraging. Our editors are indie authors themselves, who went through a trial-by-fire to get their books out, and didn't want anyone else to have to deal with the dredges of the technical side of the industry. To put it simply: you make art, we make sure it gets out there. This is your time away from your spouse, your kids, your every day life. This is your blood, sweat, and tears. Make it count, and let us help make it something you can really be proud of.

Want a price list? Here you go: